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Happiness Bicycle Series

Happiness Bicycle takes you anywhere you want to go, as fast as your feet can pedal.

Happiness Bicycle isn’t so much about the bicycle itself, it’s more about the idea that the bicycle can take you to places in your imagination that you did not even realize were there.  We all have the need to think creatively, whether we realize it or not; the idea that we have no space to create in is surely the main ingredient in a recipe for unhappiness and an unfulfilled life.

There are six in the series, and each is a little bit different from the last – and from the next.

All six of the Happiness Bicycle series pieces live at the Mom N Pop Art Shop in Richmond, CA.

Bag Three – Finding My Own Shapes

Bag Three turned out to be a real stunner – an intriguing set of textures and patterns. It’s a pity that I don’t have more pics of it, but sometimes that’s just the way it works out.

Bag Six – Parisienne Party Bag

Intriguing shape and lots of custom detailing make this bag a party stunner!

Bag Four – Bowler Style Weekender

Bag Four was a bit more difficult to make; I hadn’t created anything with this kind of structure previously. The main requirement was to be able to sit the bag on the handle of a rollaboard suitcase.

Bag Five – Mini Bucket Bag – Zebra Print Chenille

I really can’t decide if the correct idea is to pet it or carry it around.

Bag Eight – Circle Shaped Hotness

I started putting the pieces together and the next thing you know I had a round bag face, staring back at me.

Bag Five – Mini Bucket Bag – Dark Teal Croc

I even had a hot moment where I dreamt that every bag should have an easy drawstring closure AND a thin shoulder strap that detaches!

Bag Five – The Original Micki

I built Bag Five -the original Micki – as a gift for my BFF. She wanted a bag that was durable, not too big, and with some specific features.

Bag Nine – The Metropolitan Tote

For two solid months, I couldn’t figure out what this scrap was trying to tell me.

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