Holiday Stockings 2023

Vintage fur is truly a PAIN IN THE BEHIND to work with, and I don't do it very often. Holiday stockings are currently available online.

Holiday stockings are available online this season.

Stockings retail for $128 each.

(Check out the pics and a breakdown of a fur coat by clicking here –

I get asked the same questions again and again so let me answer them for you here –

1.  Yes, the fur is real.  It’s all antique and recycled – you wouldn’t believe how many people have coats and shrugs and other pieces that are leftover from a bygone era.  I would rather use reclaimed fur than fake fur since that’s made of synthetic materials that have been recently produced.  From a sustainability perspective the real fur is WAY better.

2.  Yes, if you have fur that’s clean and in decent shape, you can donate it in exchange for something next season.  We can talk about what you have and what you want – please understand that I’m not remaking your fur coat for free, I’m thanking you for donating your project coat to me as a project.  If you have never picked apart a fur coat, then you really have no idea how messy and time consuming the process is – consider it a labor of love instead of a production process and you’ll understand more about how it works.

3.  I let the fur decide how it wants to be re-cut.  If you haven’t broken down a coat and looked inside at all the strips of fur that are butt-end sewn together to make bigger pieces that end up becoming the garment, then it’s hard to imagine how structured and how each piece was cut to fit that exact spot by the furrier.  I tend to use the strips as originally cut so occasionally that means that it’s a bit of an awkward fit on a new piece, but it’s all hand made and crafted to maximize the re-use of the antique fur.

4.  If you don’t want fur, that’s cool.  I make a few each year without fur, so try to grab one of those before it’s gone.


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